AWTJF, a colourful design in a dynamic WordPress



WordPress website for AWTJF

WordPress website for AWTJF

Academische Werkplaats Transformatie Jeugd Friesland (AWTJF), is a partnership. The partnership consists of representatives of young people and parents, practical organisations from the youth sector, municipalities, university and colleges of higher education. Together they develop efficient and innovative care for young people.

We created a WordPress website that provides information.




Before we started with the website development we first looked at the structure of the website. After that we created a logical layout and clear menu in a UX design. This way the site is user-friendly and the visitor can easily navigate. Check the result at


Dynamic website design

The colorful design of AWTJF is translated to a dynamic WordPress site. Besides a lot of information you will find dynamic features throughout the whole website. Such as the navigation bar that will move along while scrolling. Another example is the logo that transforms with the screen resolution of the device of the website visitor.

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Responsive website: from desktop to mobile

The WordPress website was initially developed for desktop PCs and larger tablets. At this version you’ll find more design elements such as images. After creating the desktop site, we also developed a mobile friendly version. At this version the focus is on the most important information. By optimizing the content we create a pleasant user experience for every screen.

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WordPress website: easy to maintain

The WordPress CMS of has been adapted to the wishes of the company. That’s why we built a clear and simple structure of the CMS. Also we provided a WordPress training and user manual. As a result the employees of AWTJF  van easily manage the website themselves.

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