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Practical responsive website for ConvalSense

Social security with ConvalSense

ConvalSense is a business consultancy firm with legal and financial knowledge. They help medium-sized and large companies to make HR-related costs manageable and reduce them. We created a WordPress website to provide clients with information.

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A WordPress for different target groups

ConvalSense focuses on different target groups. Therefore it is crucial the navigation and information is clear for each target group. We have achieved this by creating a clear structure in the functional design of the WordPress CMS. This structure helps ConvalSense to approach the target groups separately.


New WordPress website

ConvalSense was looking for a commercial and refreshing website. That’s why we took care of the concept, design and the development. First, Studio van der Velde created the design of the website. After this Banyan Communication translated this design into a responsive WordPress website. Regardless if the visitors use a pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. They will always get an experience optimized for their device.