, you achieve more if you tell your story through video



Video & animation for

Een visual concept in a fast WordPress site

Getting people enthusiastic, that’s what it’s all about! People are happy to see beautiful stories. And you achieve more if you tell your stories through video. helps customers with rock-solid concepts and inspiring and clear videos. We converted a visual design into the technical development of the WordPress website. The result? A dynamic and fast website about videos. Check

Creative development

Ervaren is creative. Not only in videos and design, but also in the functionality of the site. With the technical development of the WordPress we created storytelling through video. Dynamic content and functions ? provide an extra playful effect.

Responsive WordPress

Playing videos is the most important feature of Ervaren. Taking into account that many website visitors use their smartphone or tablet we developed a responsive website. Which means that the pages automatically adapt to viewing on smaller screens. Besides that we optimized the content to each screen and prioritized the information. This way the enthusiasm of Ervaren comes across to every website visitor!

Custom WordPress

Initially Ervaren used a WordPress template with a content builder. In other words, a  standard WordPress theme with infinite options and settings. Because of this CMS it took too much effort to keep the website up to date.

That’s why we took care of the development of the new custom (efficient) WordPress CMS. We made this happen by only adding the functions that are relevant for Ervaren. Now the team is able to add content in a fast and effective way. Which saves a lot of time and research.