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Personal website for Passend Afscheid

A responsive WordPress with a personal touch

Passend Afscheid is a funeral home runned by Michèle and Max Verburgt. With their personal approach they arrange funerals from start to finish. Within these funerals they make sure the uniqueness of the deceased person is part of the farewell. Next to this they guide the relatives step by step in organising a burial or cremation. To create an overview of the possibilities of a funeral we have developed a WordPress website for Passend Afscheid.

Comprehensible WordPress CMS

The WordPress CMS for Passend Afscheid is designed to meet the needs of the funeral directors. Because the most important feature for this WordPress is adding content, we made sure it is easy to manage the website and to add text and images. The CMS is clear and intuitive.

Development of a responsive website

The WordPress site of Passend Afscheid is responsive. This means it is suitable to view on desktop, tablet and smartphones. The site automatically scales and shows the information that is relevant to the visitor at that moment. For grieving people it is extra important the information is short, clear and easy to understand.  By adding clear headings it is easy to navigate and contact the funeral home. Read how the development of a website works.

WordPress support: Website, hosting en e-mail

For a company like Passend Afscheid it is important that the website is accessible 24/7 and it is easy to contact the funeral directors. To make sure the site is always up and running we provide WordPress support. This support consists different things. First of all, webhosting and e-mail to make sure Passend Afscheid is always easy to reach. In addition, we ensure a secure environment by using https. Besides that we make sure the technology of the CMS is always up to date by installing the newest version.





Concept and creation: Design the WordPress Site

Passend Afscheid staat een persoonlijke benadering en een uitvaart op maat. Dit is vertaalt naar een design door (??)