KEES. The knowledgeplatform for divorce in the north of the Netherlands



Interactive tools for Kennisplatform Kees

Tailor-made WordPress for KEES

An (impending) divorce has a major impact on parents and children. Luckily, many agencies offer assistance to help families. The knowledge platform Kees created a digital solution for all of this agencies. Because this platform brings aid services in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe together in one place. Here parents and professionals can find the most suitable support.

We developed the WordPress website and interactive tool for Studio van der Velde. Check the website:

Structure and user-friendliness

Creating a knowledge platform, the design and website usability are highly important. In the first place because the target group must be able to find the content that best suits their personal situation. Secondly, the visitor should be able to easily navigate through the website.

Among other things, Platform Kees offers an overview of various tools that social workers can use. You can view the tools, and also download them.

Interactive application

In order to guide social workers to the right agency as quickly as possible, we developed an interactive application for the knowledge platform. In the form of a roadmap and questionnaire. This way the care provider immediately receives an overview of the agencies that they are looking for.


WordPress CMS

The website was developed in the WordPress content management system. This makes it easy for the employees of Kennisplatform Kees to add new content themselves. Also they can manage the content on the website themselves.