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WordPress website for Studio van der Velde

A creative and professional design

Logos, corporate identities, direct mailings and websites. Creative agency ‘Studio van der Velde’ is specialized in graphic design and visual communication. Because the agency strives for a timeless designs, this should be integrated in the WordPress Website. Design meets development at




Studio van der Velde stated two requirements. The first requirement was design. Translated in a well-styled WordPress website with a clear creative identity. The second requirement was functionality. A CMS which is simple and facilitates Studio van der Velde to upload new work themselves. Banyan Communication created a WordPress site where these two requirements met each other. So Studio van der Velde could easily get to work on the design and layout .

Technical support


Owning a company takes a lot of time. That’s why we like to help entrepreneurs with technical WordPress support of their websites. From web hosting, a secure https connection with SSL certificate and technical maintenance. Banyan guarantees Studio van der Velde the website is fast, up to date and optimal user experiences. We take work off their hands so they can devote their energy to design.


User experience and customer satisfaction

In order to merge design and development as impeccable as possible, Studio van der Velde and Banyan Communicatie have coorperated closely. Through clear communication and fast coordination the WordPress was delivered in the most efficient way. The site is all about appearance and user-friendliness. In addition, is responsive and therefore viewable on any device.


WordPress website with freedom


Studio van der Velde wanted to be able to add, change and organize his website. Banyan Communication took this into account during the development of the WordPress website. Thanks to structure of the website and the WordPress training, Studio van der Velde is able to manage his website with new items, extra information and additions to his portfolio.