Knowing who you are working with!

Over Banyan

Since 2010 we help our customers to achieve online success

Passion for websites

‘Crafting’ websites is our passion. Passion for creating WordPress websites and helping companies achieving success online.

To make this happen we are always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Secondly we make sure we know exactly what the main needs and goals for our customers are. Moreover we value clear communication to our clients to achieve the best results.

Tailor-made by specialists

Because every website and company is unique we provide a tailor-made team that perfectly matches the your needs. To make sure we only deliver high quality website our tailor-made team only consists of specialists.

You can contact us for custom made websites including web development, graphic design, online strategy. Also we can connect you to specialists for video’s, blogs, web texts, online advertising & sales and social media.

Why Banyan?

As a company owner you have a lot of things to deal with. That’s why it might be comforting to focus on the tasks at hand and hire a specialist to create your website. Banyan is able to help you developing a WordPress website or webshop. And take your online vision to market.

We would like to tell you more about the possibilities of a WordPress website for your business. Contact us to get to know more about the (technical) possibilities and the extent to which you can take up work yourself if that is your preference. We will provide an estimate of the costs directly.

What is Banyan?

The Banyan is an enormous tree. A tree that provides a sitting and resting place for travellers. This is the philosophy that we implement in our approach.  To sum up: we help you to to make the most out of your marketing budget during your journey in the digital world.

To gain the best results we value constructive and long term relationships with our clients. Certainly we can achieve more working as a team. Therefor we listen, but also actively contribute ideas. Together we can achieve more!