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Futureproof website solutions using the latest standards and techniques

Whether you visit a website on your mobile, tablet or desktop, visitors expect an experience optimized for their device. Having a mobile-friendly website is a prerequisite. Banyan will keep your website up to date and equipped with the latest techniques. Also we make sure your WordPress meet al the security requirements. In short: mobile friendly, responsive and fast. Banyan takes care of your WordPress development and will keep your site up to date.

Responsive websites

A responsive website is more than just scaling a website. A responsive design gives the visitor an optimized, well functioning experience of your website. Regardless of which device they are using.

The content and functionalities will also adapt to the screen size. Because visitors simply use websites differently on a small screen like a smartphone than a PC. Convenience is paramount.



Technical excellence

Technique changes continuously. If you don’t use the WordPress system on a daily base it is difficult to keep up. That’s why Banyan makes sure your website is equipped with the latest updates, is fast enough and is secure. Are there new functionalities that fit your product well? We will give you a call. If you agree this is a valuable extension, we will take care of the development.


WordPress CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, and this has a pretty clear reason. The CMS is accessible and open source. That means you can customize it to your needs. We develop tailor-made WordPress websites: a custom design, with functionalities, technology and content that are beneficial to your company.


E-commerce / webshops

Looking for a webshop CMS? Banyan develops websites and webshops. We transform the idea of a physycal store into an online store with the needed functionalities. We link systems like iDeal and delivery services tot he WordPress, and take care of the order process including the confirmation emails. Do you need any help after developing the website? We offer WordPress Support as a service.



Before we¬† publish your website we test your website in a ‘staging-environment’. In this environment you can check the ordering proces and check if the content is into place. After the development we will train the employees to manage the webshop themselves so they are able to add (or delete) products and content.

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