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Online strategy

Behind every high-performing tailor-made WordPress is a well thought-out plan

What is the secret of a well performing website? The answer lies in the basics. A functional design that clearly matches the needs of your customers and your brand. Before we start the development of your wordpress, we will start with the online strategy by determing the goal of your company and the matching customer journeys. We structure the website based on these insights.



Online positioning

When does your website contribute to your organizational goals? How do you develop a customer journey that meets the needs of your customers? And how do you make your WordPress stand out compared to the websites of your competitors? We tailor your website to the brand experience and marketing objectives of your company.

Functional design

The success of any activity depends on its preparation. Therefore it is important to start with a functional design (FO). In this design we define the website structure, list all functionalities, place the content and we add important call-to-actions.



Online advice and support

Do you want to continue building your online brand after setting up your WordPress website? Through the network of Banyan we can link you to the specialist you need. From SEO (search engine optimization), SEA (online advertising), content creation and social media. We are happy to help.

Online strategy


Want to get a check up for your website? Send us an e-mail. We can show you the possibilities to optimize your website. You can count on Banyan for: web development, concept and design, WordPress support and more. It is up to you to which extend you want to outsource your work to Banyan or take up work yourself.