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WordPress support

Did your business grow? Don’t worry, we’ll make your WordPress fit again!

WordPress is a convenient open source system. The CMS is always up-to-date and the content management is very accessible. It allows you to easily add text, photos and video’s. Also there are a lot of technical options that make your website even better. Banyan is happy to support you. We make sure that your website 100% meets your needs, is technically up to speed and you don’t have to worry about anything.


Webhosting and SSL

At Amazon, sales increased 1% for every 100ms (milliseconds) improvement in load time. Walmart saw a 2% increase in conversions for every second improvement in charge time. And Mozilla saw an increase in Firefox downloads by accelerating pages by 2.2 seconds. In short, a fast website is important.

Banyan works with a reliable Dutch hosting party. We ensure that all websites we host have a secure SSL (HTTPS) and fast connection.

Technical maintenance

The fact that WordPress is an open source CMS also means that developers are working day in and day out to add new functionalities and make the CMS safer and faster every day.

This ensures that WordPress remains to be the market leader. If you are not working with the WordPress CMS on a daily base it can be challenging to stay informed at all times. Banyan can help you. We can develop your website and make sure your website stays technically up-to-date.

WordPress specialist

Do you already have a WordPress website that you like to improve or change? Or do you want advice about a technical issue? We are happy to help you. We support you with technical or substantive questions and give advice you about new functionalities. Because every company and website is different, we look at your specific needs. We discuss possible solutions with you first and then get to work.



WordPress support


Banyan is expert in WordPress websites and webshops. We help you with your technical questions and guarantee everything ‘just works’. Feel free to contact us for all WordPress related questions, also if you need immediate help. We are happy to support you.