YFK. Dare to differ



Dynamic website for YFK Leeuwarden

A responsive WordPress with a clean design

Many organizations need young marketing talent to respond to rapidly changing markets such as healthcare, education and government. Unfortunatly these talents are often difficult to retain. YFK offers a unique combination of young marketing talent and experienced experts. This gives you the innovative thinker at your company with the stability of an experienced expert in the background.

We worked together with YFK to translate these values into a website. This resulted in a dynamic, WordPress website where a positive user experience is paramount. Check out the website at www.yfk.marketing.


Two targetgroups, one website

The new WordPress site of YFK has two target groups. First of all the young talents. For them YFK should be a company they would love to join. The second target group are the companies that are looking for innovative thinkers. For them it must be immediately clear that YFK excists of innovative, ambitious and talented marketing talents.  As a result the young and innovative character of YFK is fundamental to a visually striking concept.

Responsive website

YFK’s WordPress is responsive. Therefore it is suitable for all devices, from desktop to tablets and smartphones. Besides that the website is build of content blocks that automatically adapt to the device. For this reason it is easy for the employees of YFK to  manage the website within the WordPress CMS.

Because all parts of the website have the design of YFK everything remains easy to read, is dynamic and ‘YFK-proof’.

Website, hosting and e-mail

We provide the complete package for the new WordPress website of YFK. From concept, design and development to the WordPress support that goes with it, such as web hosting and e-mail.

We make sure the website always works as it should be. And the team of YFK can focus on their core tasks.


YFK represents innovation and change. To translate this into a graphic concept we have chosen to develop a set of illustrations and photographic images. These images give YFK an identity that radiates guts and expertise.

The images in the website are animated and have subtle movement.