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Oral care in the north of the Netherlands

A site for multiple audiences

The renewed PUUR Mondzorg has grown into a chain of dental practices in recent years. Of course, Puur cannot stay behind online, hence a new website. In addition to properly serving the clients of the various practices in Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe online, the website focuses on 2 additional target groups: Oral care professionals and practice owners. Based on a thorough online strategy, numerous improvements are made every week to continue to serve the target group well.

Make it easy for the client

How do you ensure that the visitor can achieve his or her goal easily and quickly, on such an extensive website? This is the question we keep asking our selves every step of the way. Make it easy for the client to make an appointment, change an address or find relevant information; in this way it is ensured that these questions are received as little as possible at the customer contact center.

The collaboration in this project with different specialists (e.g.: Branding, designers, marketers, a photographer and SEO copywriting) brings the website to at a high level.

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Technically strong and a modern approach

The technique of this WordPress website forms the basis for a good website. A site that continues to develop, driven by data, feedback and use(rs).

The technical maintenance ensures proper operation; Now and in the future!

Stay on top!

After the website went live, it was decided to continue with testing and improving. The point of focus is mainly the client: how do we ensure they can find their way as easily as possible?

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